The S Family

Let's just call Gap and get them signed up for a model deal, am I right?

Life happens

It has been WAY to long since I posted an update here.  I
 had no idea how crazy life would get when baby boy #2 came along almost 3 years ago.  I warm up my coffee at least twice every morning, eat cold leftover nuggets off their plates, and showering for more than 10 minutes is as good as a spa day.  We also sold our house and moved last May (still in the area!), so days are filled with getting things exactly how I like them... and so much painting.  But life is also a ton of fun.  We are constantly on the move, exploring new parks and playing with friends.  Life is GOOD.  

You'll be seeing more posts here, so stay tuned.  For now, here are my little loves!