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{Random updates and other nonsense}
  • Car Accident. Recovery is not going as quickly as I'd hoped. Saturday night into Sunday morning brought an unexpected set back but after yet another round of dr visits I am doing better today. Being in a rolling car really takes a toll on all parts of your life. Man I wish I could enjoy these nice summer days on my Fisher bike. Soon.

  • True Blood. I have been spending hours on the couch/floor. Anyone that knows me knows that I am always active (Self diagnoses ADHD!). I've made the best out of it though and caught up on Season 2 of True Blood. Not as good as Season 1 but still love it. Season 3 starts in a few weeks. Guilty Pleasure.

  • Book Ends. I can't pass up a deal on a pretty looking book. I have way too many and I need some cute bookends to hold them up.

  • Paint. My living room walls have 4 shades of gray paint samples all over them. I have decided that the perfect shade of gray is impossible to find.

  • Facebook. The fan page is almost up to 200! Join now for a special coming in June. Trash the Dress anyone????

Back to editing I go!
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