Thursday Things I love - Rockford IL Photographer


I've been mad busy, so no time for a Thursday picture. Instead, here's a few things I love:

Lists. Really. I don't know if I love them, but I'm slightly obsessed. I make lists for everything... groceries, personal and work to-dos, items for the closet, my projects for the week. My hard drive is clogged with on-going lists.

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Fairs. All the county fairs arrive in August and I can smell the Elephant Ears, steak Kabobs and Cheese Curds a mile away. Growing up, our family always went for dad's birthday. I loved going and still do. However, I skip the rides now.

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September. It's going to be a HUGE month. HUGE. A trip to the Bahamas with hubby and friends that has been planned for.ev.er. A photographers convention in Chicago, weddings of course, visiting a friend in the Davenport, IA area, and hopefully my niece will be born at the end of the month. ((Squeal!))

And lastly, Friday. Cause who doesn't love Friday? Have a great weekend friends!

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