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{Things I love: iPhone photo apps}

Disclaimer: I am not a photo app connoisseur and these opinions are strictly for fun.

1.) I'm sure everyone knows about Instagram by now, but if you don't, download the app - really, stop reading and go to the app store.  It's fun.  If you want to follow my random picture posting, feel free to follow me @browneyesphoto. (Personal pictures, not work related - fair warning).

2.) PS Express app.  Not as fancy as what photographers use, but still gets the job done in cropping, exposure, contrast and all that stuff. Not too shabby.  (image via link)
iPhone Screenshot 1

3.) 100 Cameras. 100 affects sometimes seems like overload.  But lots to choose from can be a good thing.  I especially like the textures and the fact that you can change the opacity and layer filters on top of each other.

4.) Postal Pix is a new app I am trying out today.  Printing directly through your phone?  Yes please.  I first read about it on Fossil's blog and it seems like a great app.  I'll have to let you guys know how the prints turn out. (Image via link).
Edited to add:  Like their page on Facebook and receive 15% off your first order.  My order is for 26 4x4s and 22 4x6s and my total is $14.49.
5.) Hipstamatic: vintage, hipster vibe photos at your fingertips.  Love it. (Image via link)

So there's the top 5 apps I use.  Care to share your favorites?  Leave a quick comment!

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